A Gift for My Son

Posted: 17th January 2017 by faca5 in Googo!
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Twelve years ago, my wife Lana and I were blessed with a precious gift. My wife gave birth to our son Charlie. I was so proud and overjoyed. It was a happy moment for us. I vowed to be the best father I could be for him. Lana and I instilled the values of hard work and education. Charlie is a stellar student in school and a wonderful son. I wanted do something special for his birthday. I looked for a hoverboard for sale.

Charlie made very good grades on all his report cards. I could not be any prouder. I wanted to get him the best gift to reward him for his excellence. I remembered that he was amazed when the hoverboard first came onto the market. They were a very hot item to buy. I heard they were very hard to find, but I was determined to get one.

I went to five different department stores to search for the board. They all were sold out. They sold very fast around the Christmas holiday season. People were actually getting into fights at the store over the board. I was at my wit’s end. I searched high and low for the hoverboard, but I had no luck. I did not want to disappoint my son Charlie. I vowed to find it one way or another.

One day, I was on the internet and I saw someone selling a hoverboard online. I was brand new and in excellent condition. It was also blue, which was one of Charlie’s colors. I knew it was perfect. I ordered it and it arrived just in time for his birthday.

My son Charlie loves his new present so much. I am happy that he appreciates the gift that I got for him. I hope the hoverboard will bring him years of joy.