Taking Advantage of Great Prices

Posted: 18th May 2013 by faca5 in Googo!
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Walmart to introduce Straight Talk wireless service - Mobiletor.comOne of the greatest facets of having access to the Internet is being able to take advantage of the fantastic coupons that are floating out there; if you know where to look or what sites to sign up with, you can find all kinds of different promotions and coupons that companies freely give away to draw new customers in. For a week now, I have been musing about buying a new phone and after some searching with Google, I stumbled onto a straight talk wireless promo code! I decided to look into Straight Talk to see what kind of reputation, phones and plans they had; I was honestly pleasantly surprised by what I found. They work in partnership with Wal-Mart, selling their phones through their stores and giving you access to a lot of contract free plans – which is a nice change of pace! I’ve been doing my best to avoid committing myself to a contract, I really dislike being tied to a single phone for long stretches.