Started to Look for a New Plan

Posted: 26th July 2014 by faca5 in Googo!
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I have been able to get this phone for cheap. It is an older Samsung Galaxy S2, which is not the most modern phone and yet is a nice step up from what I have in some ways. A friend of mine kept it because they only offered him like twenty two bucks for a trade in at the Verizon Store and when I asked him if he wanted to sell it, he offered to let me have it for thirty bucks. Of course I was already looking at SIM only deals where you just get the chip or SIM card that goes in the phone. I am looking to get a plan that costs around ten or fifteen pounds sterling per month, that seems like a fair sum to me and I am willing to do without the greatest plan in the world. Of course I do not need a huge amount of data and I do not live my life with the phone pressed to the side of my head ten to fifteen hours per day as a lot of folks do.

It is not hard to get a good deal if you can economize on minutes. For instance this phone can operate on the wi fi at the office and at home, so whatever plan that I am using is not going to be in effect while I am in those two places. That means that while I am at home I can use the internet quite liberally if I wanted, although there is not the real need as I have other devices while I am at home. I go on the Net a lot more with it at work. Of course the IT guy blocks you from doing some things on their wi fi, but nothing that matters to me.