Special police units all around the world

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List of special police units all around the world!

Afghanistan Afghanistan

Interior Ministry
  • Special Narcotics Force
  • Afghan National Civil Order Police Special Support Battalion


  • Shqiponjat (The Eagles)[citation needed]
  • Immediate Intervention Forces – FNSH (Forcat e Ndërhyrjes së Shpejtë)
  • Port Authority Security Force[citation needed]


Argentine Federal Police
  • Federal Special Operations Group (GEOF)
  • Hawk Special Operations Brigade (BEOH)
  • Special Operations Troops Company (TOE)
  • Albatross Group
  • Scorpion Group


Austrian Federal Police
  • Einsatzkommando Cobra (EKO Cobra)


Australian Federal Police
  • Specialist Response and Security (SRS)
  • Operational Response Group (ORG)
New South Wales Police Force
  • Tactical Operations Unit (TOU)
  • State Protection Support Unit (SPSU)
  • Public Order and Riot Squad (PORS) – full-time riot squad
  • Public Order and Operational Support Group (POOSG) – part-time riot squad
New South Wales Department of Corrective Services
  • Hostage Response Group (HRG)
Northern Territory Police
  • Territory Response Group (TRG)
  • Public Order Response Team (PORT)
Queensland Police
  • Special Emergency Response Team (SERT)
  • Public Safety Response Team (PSRT)
Queensland Department of Corrective Services
  • Tactical Response Unit (TRU)
South Australia Police
  • Special Tasks and Rescue (STAR)
Tasmania Police
  • Special Operations Group (SOG)
  • Public Order Response Team (PORT)
Tasmania Corrective Services
  • Tactical Response Group (TRG)
Victoria Police
  • Special Operations Group (SOG)
  • Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT)
  • Public Order Response Team (PORT)
Western Australia Police
  • Tactical Response Group (TRG)
  • Regional Operations Group (ROG)

The BahamasBahamas,The

Royal Bahamas Police Force
  • Security and Intelligence Branch

Bangladesh Bangladesh

Bangladesh Police
  • SWAT (Bangladesh)
  • Rapid Action Battalion


Belgian Federal Police
  • Federal Police Special Units (former SIE/ESI)


Bolivian Police Force
  • Unidad Tactica de Operaciones Policiales – UTOP (Tactical Response Unit)
  • Fuerza especial de lucha contra el narcotráfico- FELCN (Bolivian anti-narcotics force)
  • Fuerza especial de lucha contra el crimen- FELCC (Bolivian anti-criminal force)

Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnian Police Force
  • The State Investigation and Protection Agency – SIPA
  • Bosnian Special Police Units
    • Special Police Unit


Military Police
  • BOPE – Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais (Special Police Operations Battalion), State of Rio de Janeiro.
  • COE – Comandos e Operações Especiais (Commandos and Special Operations)
  • CAESA – Companhia Independente de Ações Especiais do Semi-Árido (Company Independent Special Shares of the Semi-Arid)
  • CPAC – Companhia de Polícia de Ações em Caatinga (Police Company of share Caatinga)
  • CIAC – Companhia Independente de Ações no Cerrado
  • CAESG – Companhia Ações Especiais no Sudoeste e Gerais
  • CAEMA – Companhia de Ações Especiais em Mata Atlântica
  • CAEL – Companhia de Ações Especiais do Litoral
  • CIOSAC – Companhia Independente de Operações e Sobrevivência na Área de Caatinga
Federal Police
  • COT – Comando de Operações Táticas (Tactical Operations Command)
Civil Police
  • CORE – Coordenadoria de Recursos Especiais (Special Resources Direction), State of Rio de Janeiro.
  • GARRA – Grupo Armado de Repressão a Roubos e Assaltos (Robbery and Assault Repression Armed Group), State of São Paulo.
  • GOE – Grupo de Operações Especiais (Special Operations Group), State os São Paulo.


  • SOBT
Bulgarian Gendarmerie
  • Counter-Terrorist Squads


Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Emergency Response Team (RCMP) / Groupe Tactique d’Intervention (GTI)


  • Carabineros de Chile
    • GOPE – Grupo de Operaciones Policiales Especiales (Police Special Operations Group)
  • Chilean Investigation Police (Policía de Investigaciones de Chile)
    • ERTA – Equipo de Reacción Táctica Antinarcóticos (Antinarcotics Tactical Response Team)
  • Gendarmería de Chile(Prison Service)
    • SOT – Sección de Operaciones Tácticas (Tactical Operations Section)

ChinaPeople’s Republic of China

Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China
  • Beijing SWAT
People’s Armed Police (CAPF)
  • Snow Leopard Commando Unit (SWCU)
  • Immediate Action Unit (IAU)
  • Provincial Special Police Groups (SPG)
  • Special Police Unit (SPU)

(Guangdong Province SPU a.k.a nicknamed “Flying Tigers”)

Municipal Public Security Police Bureaus
  • Beijing SWAT Unit

Hong KongHong Kong

  • Airport Security Unit (ASU)
  • Counter Terrorism Response Unit (CTRU)
  • Special Duties Unit (SDU (a.k.a nicknamed “Flying Tigers”)
  • VIP Protection Unit (G4)
  • Police Tactical Unit (PTU)
  • Surveillance Support Unit (Hit Team)


Macau Public Security Police Force
  • Unidade Táctica De Intervenção Da Polícia (Police Intervention Tactical Unit, UTIP, a.k.a. “Special Police”)
    • Grupo de Operações Especiais (Special Operation Group, GOE, a.k.a. “Macau’s Flying Tigers”)


Colombian National Police
  • C.T.I
  • DAS
  • Anti-drugs command
  • Anti-disturbs command

Costa RicaCosta Rica

  • Unidad Especial de Intervención (UEI) – attached to the Directorate of Intelligence and National Security (DIS) of Ministry of the Presidency.
  • Servicio Policial de Intervención Immediata (SPII) attached to the Organismo de Investigación Judicial (OIJ) from the Judicial Branch.
  • Unidad Especial de Apoyo (UEA)from Ministry of Public Security (MSP)
  • Unidad de Intervención Policial (crowd management unit/ anti-riot) UIP (MSP)
  • Unidad Tactica Policial – MSP
  • Unidad Canina – MSP
  • Policia Antidrogas – PCD (MSP)


Law Enforcement
  • Lučko Anti-Terrorist Unit


  • BE PNR

Czech RepublicCzech Republic

  • URNA (Útvar rychlého nasazení – Rapid Reaction Unit)
  • ZJ (Zasahova jednotka) – 8 regional fulltime units)


Rigspolitiets Aktionsstyrke

  • Politiets Aktionsstyrke (Special unit of the Police)



Egyptian National Police
  • Unit 333 (Special unit of the interior ministry)


Estonian Police
  • K-Commando (Special unit of the Central Crime Police)


  • Police Tactical Response Unit (disbanded in 2007)
  • Police National Operations Support Unit


Finnish Police
  • Karhuryhmä(Special unit of the Helsinki City Police Department but used nation-wide)
    • Valo-79 (Special unit of the North-Finland Police)
  • Finnish Border Guard
    • Border Guard Readiness Unit


  • Groupe d’Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale (GIGN)
  • Pelotons d’Intervention Interrégionaux de la Gendarmerie Nationale (PI2G)
National Police
  • Recherche Assistance Intervention Dissuasion (RAID)
  • Groupes d’Intervention de la Police Nationale (GIPN)
Préfecture de Police de Paris
  • Brigade de recherche et d’intervention (BRI)
Joint unit
  • Groupement interarmées d’hélicoptères (GIH, joint air force and army light aviation helicopters unit for specialized units of Gendarmerie and Police)


Bundespolizei (Federal Police)
  • GSG 9
German police special response units
  • Spezialeinsatzkommando(SEK)
  • Mobiles Einsatzkommando (MEK)
Zollkriminalamt (German Customs Investigation Bureau)
  • ZUZ


Greek Police
  • Special Anti-Terrorist Unit (EKAM)
Greek Coast Guard
  • Special Operations Teams (OEA)


  • TESZ


Icelandic Police
  • Víkingasveitin (Viking Squad / Special Operations Unit of the National Commissioner)


Indian Police Service
  • Rapid Action Force
  • Special Operations Group (India)
  • Anti Terrorist Squad (India)
  • Force One
Protective Service Unit
  • Special Protection Group


Indonesian National Police / POLRI
  • Brigade Mobil(National Police Special Operations Force, Police Commandos, Special Response team) POLRI
    • Detachment 88 (Police Special Counter-terrorist force)


Iraqi Police
  • Hilla SWAT Team

Republic of IrelandIreland

Irish Police
  • Emergency Response Unit (ERU)


Israel Police
  • Yasam
  • Gideonim
  • Yagal
  • Public Transportation (Yoav, Horev, and Nit’zan)
Israel Border Police
  • Yamam
  • Yamas
  • Yamag
  • Matilan
Israel Prison Service
  • Nachshon
  • Dror
  • Masada


Italian Carabinieri
  • Gruppo di Intervento Speciale (GIS)
  • Raggruppamento Operativo Speciale (ROS)
Italian State Police
  • Nucleo Operativo Centrale di Sicurezza (NOCS)
  • Servizio Centrale Operativo (SCO)
Italian Penitentiary Police
  • Gruppo Operativo Mobile (GOM)
Italian Finance Security
  • Antiterrorismo Pronto Impiego (AT-PI)
  • Gruppo di investigazione criminalità organizzata (GICO)


National Police Agency
  • Special Assault Team (SAT) — national SWAT units
Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department
  • Special Investigation Team (SIT)
  • 1st-9th Mobile Units
  • Anti-Firearms Squad — the armed response teams
Osaka Prefectural Police Department
  • Martial Arts Attack Team (MAAT)
Japan Coast Guard
  • Special Security Team (SST) — the maritime SWAT teams
  • Special Police Team
  • Special Rescue Team — the maritime search & rescue teams
  • National Strike Team (NST) — the maritime oil pollution response teams


Public Security Force
  • Special Police’s Unit 30 (SWAT)
General Directorate Of Gendarmerie
  • Special Unit 14 (Special Intervention)
  • GID Special Unit

South KoreaRepublic of Korea

National Police Agency
  • Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT)
    • Seoul Metropolitan Police SWAT Team (Unit 868)
    • Incheon Metropolitan Police SWAT Team (Unit 313)
    • Busan Metropolitan Police SWAT Team (Unit 431)
    • Daegu Metropolitan Police SWAT Team
    • Jeju Metropolitan Police SWAT Team
Republic of Korea Coast Guard
  • Sea Special Assault Team (SSAT)
    • Busan SSAT Team
    • Incheon SSAT Team


Lebanese Police Force
  • Fuhud (Panthers)(Special Police Unit)


  • Special Police Unit


  • VSAT SPB (Lithuanian State Border Guard Service Rapid Reaction Squads)

Luxembourg Luxembourg

Grand Ducal Police
  • Unité Spéciale de la Police


KHEDN-Insignia.PNGMinistry of Home Affairs
Royal Malaysian Police.svgRoyal Malaysian Police / Polis Diraja Malaysia
  • RMP PGK pennant.jpgPasukan Gerakan Khas(Police Special Counter-terrorist force) PDRM
    • 69th Commando Battalion (Police Commandos, Paramilitary Police, Bomb Squad)
    • Special Actions Unit (Metropolitant Police SWAT, Anti-Organized Crime Task Force, Special Response Teams)
  • UNGERIN (Marine Police SWAT, Counter-Piracy units, Maritime Anti Terror units / Modelled on by US Navy SEALs)
Malaysian police special response units
  • Unit Tindakan Cepat (UTC)
Prison logo3.jpgMalaysian Prison Department / Jabatan Penjara Malaysia
  • Trup Tindakan Cepat (Prison SWAT Team, Prison Special Counter-terrorist force)
APMM-Logo.pngMalaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency / Agensi Penguatkuasaan Maritim Malaysia
  • Special Task And Rescue (Malaysian Maritime SWAT, Counter-Piracy units)


Maltese Police
  • Special Assignments Group


Federal Preventive Police
  • Grupo de Operaciones Especiales (GOPES)


  • Brigade d’infanterie parachutiste (B.I.P) of the Royal Moroccan Armed Forces:
    • 4 Units
    • 2 Commandos
  • Land Army:
    • 3 Commandos : Units Cobra, Aigle and Tigre
  • Royal Navy:
    • 2 Battalions : Al Hoceima and El Ayoune
  • Royal Gendarmerie:
    • Groupe d’intervention de la Gendarmerie royale (G.I.G.R)
  • National Police:
    • Groupe d’intervention rapide de la Police nationale (G.I.R)


  • Special Field Force (SFF)


  • Dienst Speciale Interventies (DSI)
  • Arrestatieteam

New ZealandNew Zealand

New Zealand Police logo.svgNew Zealand Police
  • Armed Offenders Squad (AOS), incidents involving weapons
  • Diplomatic Protection Squad (DPS), VIP protection
  • Special Tactics Group (STG), counter terrorist


Norwegian Police Service
  • Emergency Response Unit


  • Darien-Kuna Yala Border Security Police (DARKUN)


Philippine National Police
  • Special Action Force
  • Philippine National Police Aviation Security Command
  • Police and Armed Forces Anti-Crime Emergency Response Task Force (PACER)
  • Special Response Unit
  • SWAT


  • Biuro Operacji Antyterrorystycznych Komendy Głównej Policji – Bureau of Antiterror Operations of the Main Policja Command – central Police CT/SWAT unit, subordinated to Main Policja Command
  • Samodzielne Pododdziały Antyterrorystyczne Policji, Sekcje Antyterrorystyczne – Independent Antiterrorist Subunits and Antiterrorism Sections – Regional full time SWAT/CT units, subordinated Regional Police Commands.


Security Forces (Public Security Police & National Republican Guard)
  • Grupo de Operações Especiais (Special Operations Group)
  • Companhia de Operações Especiais (Special Operations Company)


Stema MIRA.jpegMinistry of Interior and Administrative Reform
    • Special Group for Protection and Intervention or GSPI
    COA-Politia Romana.svg Police
  • Detaşamentul de Poliţie pentru Intervenţie Rapidă
    • DIAS, Special Actions and Interventions Detachment
    • [[Serviciul de Poliţie pentru Intervenţie Rapidă
    • SIAS, Serviciul pentru Interventii la Actiuni Speciale
    COA-Jandarmeria Romana.svg Romanian Gendarmerie
    • Special Intervention Brigade “Vlad Ţepeş”
Sigla SRI.svgRomanian Secret Service (SRI)
    • BAT – Anti-Tero Brigade

Russia Russia

Ministry of Internal Affairs (Russia)
  • Rus (special forces)
  • Vityaz (MVD)
  • OMON
  • SOBR
  • Rosich
  • Ratnik
  • Vyatich
  • Saturn (detachment)
  • Skif
  • OMSN
  • Federal Drug Control Service of Russia
  • Federal Security Service

Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian General Security
  • Saudi Emergency Force (SEFC)
  • Mission-Security Force


Badge of Serbian Ministry of Interior.jpg Law enforcement
  • Gendarmerie emblem.gif Gendarmerie (Serbia)
  • SAJ emblem.png Special Anti-Terrorist Unit (Serbia)
  • PTJ emblem.png PTJ (Counter-Terrorist Unit)


Singapore Police Force
  • Special Operations Command (SOC)
  • Police Tactical Unit (PTU)
  • Special Tactics and Rescue (STAR)
Singapore Prison Service
  • Singapore Prisons Emergency Action Response (SPEAR)
Police Coast Guard
  • Special Task Squadron (STS)


  • Specialna Enota Policije (SEP)


  • Útvar osobitného určenia Prezídia policajného zboru SR (ÚOU PZ SR)

South AfricaSouth Africa

South African Police Service
  • Special Task Force (STF)
  • South African Police Service Riot Squad/Anti-Riot Squad/ Public Order Policing/Internal Stability Unit (POP/ISU)


Guardia Civil
  • Unidad Especial de Intervención (UEI)
  • Grupo Antiterrorista Rural (GAR)
Cuerpo Nacional de Policía
  • Grupos Operativos Especiales de Seguridad (GOES)
  • Grupo Especial de Operaciones (GEO)
Mossos d’Esquadra
  • Grup Especial d’Intervenció (GEI)
  • Berrozi Berezi Taldea (BBT)

Sri Lanka Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Police Service
  • Special Task Force (STF)


Federal Office of Police
  • Einsatzgruppe TIGRIS
  • Détachement d’Action Rapide et de Dissuasion


Swedish Police Service
  • Nationella Insatsstyrkan (Police CT Unit)
  • Piketgruppen

TaiwanRepublic of China (Taiwan)

National Police Agency (NPA)
  • Air Police Corps
  • Special Police Corps
    • Wei-An Special Services Commando
  • Thunder Squad (Special Weapons And Tactics Police Counter-Terrorism unit)
Coast Guard Administration
  • Special Task Unit


Royal Thai Police
  • Royal Thai Police Arintaraj 26 Special Operations Unit (Metro Bangkok SWAT)
  • Royal Thai Police Naresuan 261 Special Operations Unit (Border Patrol Police SWAT)
  • Royal Thai Police Black Tigers Special Operations Unit (VIP Protection)


General Directorate of Police (known as Emniyet Genel Müdürlüğü)

  • Police Special Operation Force known as Polis Özel Harekat Dairesi


Ukrainian Police Force
  • Berkut (Golden Eagles)

United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab Emirates

Dubai Police Force
  • Police Special Unit

United KingdomUnited Kingdom

  • Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA)
  • Metropolitan Police Service
    • Royalty and Diplomatic Protection Department
    • Counter Terrorism Command
    • Specialist Firearms Command (CO19)
    • Flying Squad
  • West Midlands Police
    • Central Motorway Police Group
    • Central Counties Firearms Command
    • Midlands Regional Public Order
    • West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit
    • Midlands Events Management Policing
  • Greater Manchester Police
    • Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU)

United StatesUnited States

  • LAPD Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT)
  • Aerial Support to Regional Enforcement Agencies (ASTREA), a special division of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.
  • New York City Police Department Emergency Service Unit (ESU)
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  • US-FBI-Seal.svgHostage Rescue Team (HRT)
  • FBI Special Weapons and Tactics Teams
United States Marshals Service (USMS)
  • USMS Special Operations Group (SOG)
  • USMS Special Response Teams (SRT)
  • United States Federal Witness Protection Program
  • Missile Escort Program (MEP)
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)
  • Special Response Teams (SRT)
Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
  • Mobile Enforcement Teams (MET)
  • Foreign-deployed Advisory Support Team (FAST)
Coast Guard
  • Helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron
  • Maritime Safety and Security Team (MSST)
  • Maritime Security Response Team (MSRT)
  • Tactical Law Enforcement Teams (TACLET)
Department of Energy (DOE)
  • Special Response Teams (SRT)
  • Special Response Force (SRF)
United States Secret Service (USSS)
  • Counter Assault Team (CAT)
  • Uniformed Division Emergency Response Team (ERT)
  • Counter Sniper Team (CST)
US Border Patrol (USBP)
  • US Border Patrol Special Operations Group (SOG)
    • Border Patrol Air Mobile Unit (AMU)
    • Border Patrol Tactical Unit (BORTAC)
    • Border Patrol Special Response Teams (SRT)
    • Border Patrol Search, Trauma, and Rescue (BORSTAR)
U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)
  • Special Response Teams (SRT)
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
  • Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Special Response Teams (SRT)
  • Enforcement & Removal Operations (ERO) Special Response Teams (SRT)
  • Enforcement & Removal Operations (ERO)Tactical Intervention and Control Teams
Federal Protective Service (FPS)

Special Response Teams (SRT)

Bureau of Diplomatic Security
  • Diplomatic Security’s Office of Mobile Security Deployment (MSD)
United States Capitol Police
  • Containment Emergency Response Team (CERT)
United States Mint Police (USMP)
  • USMP Special Response Teams (SRT)
United States Park Police (USPP)
  • USPP Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team
Pentagon Force Protection Agency (PFPA)
  • United States Pentagon Police Emergency Response Team (ERT)


  • Vietnam Mobile Police Force (Cảnh sát Cơ động Việt Nam)
  • Vietnam Rapid Response Police Force- CS 113 (Cảnh sát Phản ứng nhanh Việt Nam)

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