Set Up the Home Theater Today

Posted: 29th August 2014 by faca5 in Googo!
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I spent the day working on the home theater. It is in a room above the garage, a loft in fact it is a bit cramped for the purpose and the arch of the roof limits the size of the projection screen that I could use. I already had the projector, I picked it up at an auction along with a set of a half dozen passieve speakers. If you are like me, then you probably do not know the difference between passive speakers and active ones, or at least I did not until I looked it up. That simply means that there is not an internal power source or amplifier in the cabinet with the speakers. I would guess that nearly all the speakers a normal person has are passive, except for sub woofers. They usually have an amp built in to them and that is why most sub woofers come with a plug which you have to connect to an electric outlet.Some of them are passive, but most are not.

The sound is about as good as I expected, because I am not really going all out on that for now. I have an older Dolby stereo receiver. I have had it since I was in high school and it is not the most recent type of Dolby surround sound system which is used in the most modern home theater systems and the more recent big Hollywood films. I have it though and it works pretty well. In fact nearly all of the money I have in this system is in the projection screen. It cost about as much as the projector did, but I was not thinking it would cost that much when I got the projector. In fact I was thinking that I could just make one on the wall.