My Son Got a Hoverboard

Posted: 4th January 2017 by faca5 in Googo!
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My son’s two best friends each got a hoverboard this last Christmas. My son had a lot of fun playing on them with his friends, as they were definitely the type to share with him rather than ignore him as they had fun on their own. My son never complained about not having one. I still wanted him to have his own because I knew it would be more fun for all three of them if they each had their own. I went online to get some information about a hoverboard for sale.

I did not want to ask him because I wanted this to be a surprise. I had already looked at the brand names of the ones his friends have when they came over last week. I wanted to make sure that I was getting him a safe one, so I looked up the top brands that have a great safety rating. I was surprised to read that some of them are not as safe as some parents might think, which made me doubly glad that I am the type of mom who will research a product before giving it to my own child.

The hoverboard that I got him is considered a great one as far as safety is concerned. It is advised that only people above the age of 12 use it since young children can get hurt. That was helpful too since my 15 year old son has three little brothers who will not be allowed to even try it until they are a little older. I ordered it that same day, and it was delivered not too much later. When he saw it sitting on the chair next to his, he could barely contain his excitement. The three of them are on them a lot now, and it is so much fun watching them!