A Better Way to Buy Parts

Posted: 13th December 2013 by faca5 in Googo!
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Whenever I need to buy specialty parts like an o2 sensor, I struggle to decide where to purchase them. There’s the store around the corner that is usually hit or miss. Sometimes they have the part, but other times they have to order it for you. Customer service is also hit or miss, as not everyone in the store is an expert. I’ve been looking for a great source to buy these parts for a long time. One of my buddies who works with me at the station suggested that I check out a website that could help me out. He gave me the address and I took a look that same evening.

I was in awe at the number of oxygen sensor-related parts on this website. I felt like a kid in a candy store, except I guess you could say I was like an adult male in a tool store. My eyes lit up and I spent the next two hours browsing the entire site.