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Kids like toys. Of course, some toys need you to teach your kids how to be safe. Bicycles, tricycles and even those battery-powered little cars toddlers ride in require the use of safety gear. If it has wheels, I think children should be wearing helmets and safety pads at knees and elbows. This goes for adults too. I even wear gloves when riding my bicycle, because your hands are usually the first thing to hit if you fall. Now after saying that, I don’t see a hoverboard with wheels as any more risky than other toys such as bicycles. That is, if you buy one that is made of great parts and has a reliable battery.

They are kind of cool looking, and you do need good balance to ride one. Read the rest of this entry »

Seamless Transfer of Data from an Old Phone to a New One

Posted: 15th October 2015 by weapons in Googo!
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I was wondering if there was a software solution to make transferring all of the data from one smartphone to another easy and simple to do. I was looking for how to backup iphone that I could do myself. I did not want to pay for an additional carrier service, nor did I want anyone at the phone store to do this for me. I am not comfortable with people poking around with my data on my phone. Those employees at the retail phone stores could all be completely honest and trustworthy, but they could also not be. I cannot tell, so I do not want to take the chance.

I just want my photos, contacts and other data automatically transferred from my old phone to my new one. I figure that since they are both using the Android operating system that it should not be a big deal. You would think that this would be a universal and seamless process if you stick with the same type of phone on your upgrade to a new one. Not necessarily the same model but the very same operating system. Read the rest of this entry »

Do Not Waste Your Old Phone

Posted: 16th November 2014 by weapons in Googo!
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Once upon a time it seemed like technology was easier to keep up with, but by now we can never get enough new releases to be satisfied. Even if you just bought a new phone, chances are that the manufacturer has already announced the new version that will be coming out in the future. While realistically virtually nobody really needs to upgrade to the latest model, that does not stop people from wanting to do it. Instead of simply buying the new phone and then wasting all of the money you spend on the old one, sell old mobile phones and recover some of the money that you originally invested into them.

Whether it is a matter of staying stylish and cool or there is some new feature, the bottom line is that new phones have great appeal to people who can afford them. Read the rest of this entry »

Set Up the Home Theater Today

Posted: 29th August 2014 by weapons in Googo!
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I spent the day working on the home theater. It is in a room above the garage, a loft in fact it is a bit cramped for the purpose and the arch of the roof limits the size of the projection screen that I could use. I already had the projector, I picked it up at an auction along with a set of a half dozen passieve speakers. If you are like me, then you probably do not know the difference between passive speakers and active ones, or at least I did not until I looked it up. That simply means that there is not an internal power source or amplifier in the cabinet with the speakers. I would guess that nearly all the speakers a normal person has are passive, except for sub woofers. Read the rest of this entry »

Started to Look for a New Plan

Posted: 26th July 2014 by weapons in Googo!
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I have been able to get this phone for cheap. It is an older Samsung Galaxy S2, which is not the most modern phone and yet is a nice step up from what I have in some ways. A friend of mine kept it because they only offered him like twenty two bucks for a trade in at the Verizon Store and when I asked him if he wanted to sell it, he offered to let me have it for thirty bucks. Of course I was already looking at SIM only deals where you just get the chip or SIM card that goes in the phone. Read the rest of this entry »

A Better Way to Buy Parts

Posted: 13th December 2013 by weapons in Googo!
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Whenever I need to buy specialty parts like an o2 sensor, I struggle to decide where to purchase them. There’s the store around the corner that is usually hit or miss. Sometimes they have the part, but other times they have to order it for you. Customer service is also hit or miss, as not everyone in the store is an expert. I’ve been looking for a great source to buy these parts for a long time. One of my buddies who works with me at the station suggested that I check out a website that could help me out. He gave me the address and I took a look that same evening.

I was in awe at the number of oxygen sensor-related parts on this website. I felt like a kid in a candy store, except I guess you could say I was like an adult male in a tool store. My eyes lit up and I spent the next two hours browsing the entire site.

Just About to Leave Colombo

Posted: 21st September 2013 by weapons in Googo!
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I am almost ready to leave Colombo. I had a great trip, but I am homesick for cheeseburgers and the land of endless super highway commutes. I am going to leave my mobile phone in sri lanka, although exactly where I could not say. I was out taking picture of elephants in their natural habitat and I suppose that it would have been a lot wiser to have left the phone back at the hotel room. I certainly was not going to be getting any calls out where I was and there is not much chance of ever finding it in that rain forest. Of course my research involves the conflict between the Tamils and the Sinhalese and how it impacted the natural habitat in the war zone.

The war has been over for a long time, but for the most part there has not been a lot of research actually done about the war.

Just Got Started in My New Job

Posted: 24th August 2013 by weapons in Googo!
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I guess I have sort of joined the police department in a way, or to be succinct I am working for a fairly large police department. They were really behind the current technology and they hired me because I have experience in large business telephone systems and other communications systems. It was what I did when I was in the US Marine Corps and then later on I was contracting for the Air Force’s police force in one of their major bases. Of course that one was out in the middle of nowhere in North Dakota. It is a pretty good job actually and I am sort of curious as to just how long it is going to last.

Where Your Internet Service Might Come from

Posted: 22nd July 2013 by weapons in Googo!
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Have you been thinking about getting yourself cable Internet services? It’s a big step if you have never had cable Internet before; I remember the first time that we had cable Internet installed at our house. We had been using dial up services for so long that having something as fast as cable was mind blowing. I had no idea that the ‘net could surf so fast, I was completely baffled by what I would do with all this speed. Thanks to we were able to find the best deals available to us in our home town. We have so many options out here, you wouldn’t believe how many companies are strive to catch the attention of the customers around here. Cable Internet, so far, has been the best that we’ve had.

Why DSL Providers Are Still Providing Great Internet

Posted: 14th July 2013 by weapons in Googo!
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is Satellite InternetThere are still good dsl providers out there, and DSL is still a great way to get high-speed Internet for a low cost. Broadband speeds can vary no matter what type of service you have. If you have cable, a really busy Internet traffic day can cause some bottlenecks. If you have satellite, you are going to have slow Internet no matter what. DSL goes through the phone company’s lines, and it works quite good. Think about it. Many people do not have a home phone line any longer, so there is not a whole lot of traffic on the lines. Your cable TV service gives you a 100 or more channels plus streaming On Demand, and they try to also cram in your broadband on that tiny cable.